Yutong 5G-Enabled Intelligent Mobility
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  • Beauty and talent coexist! How excellent is Yutong's autonomous driving bus?

    A super cool vehicle,the appearance of cyberpunk,the experience of the spaceship cockpit,and the black technology of "unmanned driving"....

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  • Watch the Yutong Live Show on Sept 9 - Global Intelligent Mobility Solutions

    The prosperous development of next-generation technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) has convinced of us the intelligent future of transportation.

Yutong’s 5G-Enabled Intelligent Mobility Solution

Smart Road

Bus priority at traffic signals

Blind spot monitoring

Collaborative beyond-visual-range perception

Collaborative decision-making and control

Intelligent Bus Stop

Visible route information

Seamless transfer

Intelligent interaction

User-centered equipment

Intelligent Bus

Future design

Autonomous driving

Remote driving

Efficient and eco-friendly

Unmanned Bus Terminal

Cloud control center

Unmanned operation

Intelligent monitoring

Cloud Control Platform

Real-time total-factor monitoring

Transport efficiency analysis

Management of 5G-enabled Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure

Remote vehicle control

High-precision 3D map

Autonomous Charging System

Intelligent charging scheduling

Autonomous parking

Autonomous charging

Autonomous returning

Yutong 5G Enabled Intelligent Mobility Solution

Yutong L4 Autonomous Driving Bus“ XIAO YU”

Yutong 5G Enabled Intelligent Mobility Solution

Promotional Video of Intelligent Auto-Buses

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