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We will provide comprehensive services to customers’ satisfaction. With professional service skills and full service enthusiasm, Yutong Bus Overseas Service Team will provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality services to ensure that customers' vehicles are under a good operating condition, to improve customers’ vehicle rate of operation, to increase value for customers, and to make customers trust the Yutong services.

Well-established service network

As of the end of 2020, Yutong has had 220 chartered service stations and 330 authorized service outlets. Moreover, Yutong also sends service engineers and spare parts managers to reside in the key overseas markets and provide service to customers.

Yutong has set up seven spare parts warehouses in France, United Arab Emirates, Panama, Mexico and other places, and six spare parts consignment warehouses in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico, Singapore, etc.

  • Service network

    330+ service outlets

    The service networks of Yutong’s assembly suppliers worldwide will jointly provide service for Yutong vehicles.

  • Yutong has set up seven spare parts warehouses in France, United Arab Emirates, Panama, Mexico and other places.

  • Spare parts warehouses


    There are six spare parts consignment warehouses in Pakistan, Nigeria, Singapore, China Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, etc.

Systematic service training

Through multiple training ways, Yutong carries out diverse and effective service trainings for overseas service stations and end users.

Set up training centers

Teach overseas customers the maintenance skills of Yutong buses

Develop multi-language training materials

Cover repair and maintenance of vehicles, driver brochure, service station management manual, etc.

Principles of Services

Customer focus: We promote the customer satisfaction through continuous promotion of the vehicle operation rate and parts availability.

Maintenance priority: We solve on-site problems as soon as possible for we solve those on-site problems as soon as possible in the use of· arising in the use of vehicles to ensure the normal operation of vehicles according to the principle of “Troubleshooting before Accountability".

Honesty and trustworthiness: During services, we take honesty as a priority and must not cheat customers based on facts.

Meeting demands: During services, we pay close attention to and meet customers’ reasonable demands to free them from worries. For critical customers, we should provide higher-quality services to improve their experiences.

Results-oriented: The service technicians should carry out work for results and have always deemed it their duty to solve problems successfully.

Timely feedback: For customer demands and customers’ major complaints that cannot be solved in time in a service center, we must give feedback to the market service technicians for assistance.

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Warranty and Service Products

In order to meet various warranty needs of different customers, besides providing basic warranty, Yutong can also provide you with professional after-sales service product solutions, and comprehensively implement the service commitment to you to enable each Yutong bus can be cared for in the whole life cycle with more comprehensive, more thoughtful and more personalized services, and stay at the optimal status anytime and anywhere, thus making you feel Yutong's "creative & considerate" caring.

Basic warranty period of Yutong buses (overseas market)

New energy vehicles: 24 months or 150,000 km, whichever comes first.

Airfield buses: 24 months regardless of mileages.

Other types of vehicles: 18 months or 150,000 km, whichever comes first.

Note: the details shall be subject to the actual sales contract.

After-sales service product solutions

With regard to various warranty needs beyond the basic warranty period, Yutong can provide after-sales service product solutions. Based on the daily service needs of customers' vehicles and through the research of vehicles’ life cycle maintenance, the after-sales service product solutions have taken the customers’ pain points (high labor involvement, low vehicle operation rate, etc.) amid the operation and services into consideration, and developed products and solutions that can reduce customers’

operational & maintenance costs and improve the safety of vehicles by means of Yutong’s internal resource advantage. The service product solutions include extended warranty of whole vehicles and assembly parts, extended warranty of wearing parts, specification upgrade, whole vehicle maintenance and other individual items.

For details, you can inquire Yutong's local dealer or authorized service station, or directly contact Yutong's account managers and/or service engineers.

Note: in order to protect your rights and interests, the service scope and content of the service products you purchased will be specified in the Service Manual of Extended Warranty delivered together with the vehicles. In principle, Yutong will not be responsible for other warranty commitments other than the Service Manual of Extended Warranty. If you need to inquire the specific information, please contact Yutong’s account managers and/or service engineers.

Real-time service information exchange
backed by informationalized systems

With the OSN platform, Yutong is building up the service information supporting system to improve the efficiency of services.

Online functions: information feedback and warranty settlement, spare part inquiry, technical document inquiry, spare parts ordering, training management, products information, service station information, etc.

Providing you with attentive services with
sustained, diverse and active caring

With the philosophy of “Customers Foremost”, Yutong carries out service activities worldwide

  • Visit customers regularly to learn about their needs

  • Conduct driving and maintenance training for customers free of charge

  • Carry out special inspection for vehicles, and give discounts to some spare parts

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