ReCtrl 4.0

The exclusive ReCtrl technology enables plug-in hybrid buses to save fuel by more than 60% and reduce PM emissions by over 90%, leading the technological revolution of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Generation of the engine thermal management system

The 2nd generation of the engine thermal management system self-developed by Yutong can cut 5-10% more fuel consumption of buses than the 1st generation and 10% more fuel consumption than ordinary engines. Meanwhile, it also sees great improvement in terms of stability, fuel consumption, noise and so on.

Whole vehicle / driveline matching technology

Based on the requirements on vehicle’s power system under actual conditions and through the driveline simulation technology, validation of customer’s operating scenarios and low rolling resistance technology of tires, Yutong has achieved the best optimization of the power system.

Lightweight technology of whole vehicles

The designed weight is about 350kg lower than the products of same kind, greatly reducing the fuel consumption. In addition, the corrosion and heat resistance of components are also improved.

Low wind resistance design with CATIA

The wind resistance is about 10% lower than the products of same kind, greatly improving the fuel efficiency and reducing the noise of vehicles.

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