Zhengzhou Bus Repair factory was established in 1963 and has experienced many ups and downs. Today, Yutong Bus has been exported to the world, with a global market share of 15%, as and Chinese enterprises with a sense of social responsibility.

20 86
20 21

  The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Witnessed Opening of the CKD Plant

Yutong Launched its Latest EV Battery Safety Technology

First Fleet of Electric bus Delivered, Yutong Plugging into The Future of Qatar Green Transportation

Yutong Launches a “Race to Zero” Initiative before the 26th UN Climate Change Conference

Yutong Autonomous Bus Xiaoyu 2.0, won the Red Dot Award,the most authoritative and professional award of industrial design globally.


55 Yutong E12 Electric Buses to Serve Passengers at COP26 in Glasgow


20 20

As a representative of the "Made in China" enterprises, Yutong reciprocates by donating anti-epidemic materials and sharing epidemic prevention experience to the whole world and helping all partners in the world to jointly overcome the epidemic, which demonstrate the humanitarian warmth of international mutual assistance. Yutong Bus strives to fulfill the enterprise responsibility of "traveling for a better life" under the severe situation of the epidemic.

20 19

The 5G intelligent public transport project jointly created by the Henan Provincial Government and Yutong Bus was launched in Zhengzhou on May 17, and four Yutong L4 autonomous driving buses started the trial operation on the public road of the Intelligent Island in Zhengzhou.  

20 18

Yutong new energy buses were exported to overseas high-end market, and won the order of 100 full electric buses from Chile.

20 17

Yutong was granted the Ecology Label of Busworld Award 2017, fully showing Yutong's outstanding achievements in the field of new enegy vehicles.

20 16
20 15

Yutong successfully completed the world's first trial operation of autonomous bus.

20 14

Yutong’s sales volume of buses and coaches reached over 60,000 units, leading the China’s bus industry to a new height.

20 86
20 13

The sales volume of buses and coaches reached 56,068 units, among which 3,897 units were new energy buses.

20 12

The Yutong New Energy Bus Plant was put into operation.

20 11

Yutong TSM intelligent operating system was launched.

20 09

The internationally advanced cathodic electrocoating line and the first experiment center of buses and parts in China were set up.

Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. Specialty Vehicle Branch was founded.

20 06

Granted the Certificate for Exemption from Export Inspection

20 05

Launched the overseas market strategy, becoming the first Chinese bus builder to export CKD parts.

20 02

Yutong’s annual sales volume exceeded 10,000 units for the first time.

19 86
19 98

Yutong Industrial Park with an investment of CNY 400 million was put into operation.

19 97

Listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange, Yutong Company became the first listed bus company in China.

19 93

Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. was founded with a sales volume of 708 units.

19 63

Zhengzhou Bus Repair factory was founded

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