Yutong Qatar

Yutong Qatar

At Yutong Qatar, we believe in the power of better buses to create a better life for all. As a proud partnership between Yutong Holdco Hongkong Ltd. and Qatar's esteemed public transportation company, Mowasalat, we are committed to revolutionizing the transportation landscape in Qatar.

  • 36,518

    Annual sales volume

  • 190,000

    NEV cumulative sales

  • 7842

    Annual sales volume of new energy buses

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About Yutong

Customer case

Customer case

Yutong Bus is a leading international bus and bus supplier, integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales and product services. Its product owners have exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world, facilitating tens of millions of customers.
Meet “Made in China” in Qatar

Meet “Made in China” in Qatar

In this midsummer, the quadrennial world’s top football event drawing unparalleled attention from hundreds of millions of fans will be held in Doha, Qatar. As the venue for the event’s final, the 80,000-seat glittering “Big Golden Bowl” Lusail Stadium gives prominence to the Arabic cultural characteristic of the Gulf region.

In addition to the fact that the stadium was built by China Railway Construction, the “Chinese element” is also visible in the View details

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