Yutong ICE12 Pure Electric Bus Delivery Ceremony Held in Malta

2024-04-18 -

Recently, Yutong delivered the pure electric bus ICE12 to Valetta, the capital of Malta.

The ICE12 pure electric bus adopts Yutong's advanced electric technology, which has the characteristics of zero emission, low noise and high efficiency, providing a more comfortable and environmentally friendly travel choice for urban residents in Malta.

Yutong ICE12 Pure Electric Bus Delivery Ceremony Held in Malta

Yutong, Zarb Coaches Ltd. and representatives of the Malta government attended the ceremony to witness this historic moment. The cooperation will inject new vitality into Malta's transport system, providing residents with a more convenient and environmentally friendly way to travel.

Yutong ICE12 Pure Electric Bus Delivery Ceremony Held in Malta

Malta's Minister of Transport, Chris Bonett, spoke at the ceremony. He said that the government had a policy to decarbonise public transport and was providing incentives for private companies to invest in electric vehicles. He looks forward to more cooperation in the future to jointly promote Malta's transport system towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable direction.

Yutong has been committed to promoting the development of global clean energy transportation. Through continuous innovation and technological upgrading, Yutong will continue to provide high-quality and high-performance electric buses around the world and make greater contributions to creating a better urban traffic environment. It is believed that with the close cooperation between both parties, Malta's public transport will usher in new development opportunities and inject new vitality into Malta's urban development.

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